Year 11

    Year 11 is an exciting time for the students as they head towards the end of their secondary education at CBEC. Students have events such as the Leavers Assembly and Leavers Ball to look forward to at the end of the Summer Series Exams in May/June 2018.


    Year 11 Team 2017-2018

    Dan Turner

    Christie Ryan 
    Stuart Curtis

    Tutor Team:

    • J Richens
    • K Lakeland
    • A Kimber
    • R Boyce
    • V Phin
    • A Richens / W Moore

    Revision Tips - How parents can help

    • Reward the effort made to revise
    •  Reduce the number of hours they may undertake in paid jobs
    •  Communicate the importance of revision to the family
    •  Nominate a quiet place for revision
    •  Provide an area where work and revision notes can be kept safely
    •  Help to ensure relaxation time is taken away from the place of study
    •  Plenty of sleep, especially the night before an exam will have a positive outcome on results
    •  Help them prepare a revision timetable including the date, time and location of exams
    •  Plan sessions ensuring that they are evenly spread out over the time available
    •  Displaying the timetable will help keep track of progress.
    •  Make progress checks regularly
    •  Get them to explain what they are revising
    •  Ask for help from their teachers for topics they do not fully understand
    •  Encouragement will help your son/daughter continue working hard over the exam period

    Revision Tips For Students

    • 40 minute revision sessions with a short break in between provide the optimum amount of time to concentrate fully.
    •  Plan to revise a few topics properly at a time for each subject and then revisit before the exam.
    •  Background noise from the TV or radio can affect attention.
    •  Before starting a session, ensure that you have everything you need available to you.
    •  Each day after school, relax for a while and then start your revision. Try to relax for at least one hour after you finish.
    •  Make notes of any areas that you do not fully understand and then get more information from your teacher.