Year 10

    Year 10 marks the start of an important two years, during which students will study for and sit GCSE exams. Below are details of support offered to students in the college, as well as things they should be doing at home, to ensure the two years are a success.


    Support in College

    • Outside speakers from local businesses and colleges will be coming into assemblies, to inform students about possible opportunities after GCSEs.
    • F7 is open every day after school, for students to use on a drop-in basis. Here they have access to a teacher and computers, and can complete homework.
    • The library is open before and after the school day, and at breaks and lunches. Students can use this facility on a drop-in basis.
    • Show My Homework is used for setting of homework tasks, to ensure that students can easily access full details of all homework set. Students should check this on a regular basis.


    Things Students Can Do At Home

    • Have regular discussions about what they’ve learnt, to consolidate their learning
    • Undertake frequent independent revision to refresh what has been learnt in class, (e.g. BBC Bitesize).
    • Check Show My Homework regularly and ensure homework is completed on time
    • Start thinking about college and career options – look ahead
    • It is important to strike a balance between academic and extra-curricular opportunities


    What parents can do

    • Ask about their day, what they’ve learnt, what they enjoyed, what they struggled with
    • Ensure you have access to Show My Homework and check it to support your child in ensuring homework is completed
    • Ask about deadlines and support your child in managing their time, (should they require it)



    Year 10 Team 2017 - 2018

    Adam Tiley

    Sue Pearce

    Stuart Curtis


    Tutor Team:

    • N Long
    • P Clark
    • A Hinksman
    • C Hamilton
    • L Waterman 
    • N Bates 
    • D Absalom / D Turner 
    • N Charlton