Support for the Governing Body

    Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College receives support from Hampshire County Council Children’s Services Department including Hampshire Governor Services in the form of College Improvement Partners and Attached Inspectors who take a particular interest in the conduct and achievement of the College. They are regular visitors to the College and may also attend governing body meetings when specific information is required.

    Advice and support for Colleges and governing bodies is also available to cover financial, personnel, pupil welfare and specific needs.

    Hampshire Governor Services provide support and extensive training for Governors in the county. Training is centred on the strategic role of governors and is free to governors themselves (Colleges have a budget to purchase the necessary governor training).


    Courses offered include:

    • Induction for new governors
    • Monitoring and evaluation
    • Effective meetings
    • Using performance data to set targets
    • Strategic planning
    • Health and Safety
    • Understanding College finance
    • Policy making
    • Selecting and appointing staff
    • Understanding the College curriculum
    • Understand personnel practice
    • Meeting children’s special educational needs
    • Judging value for money
    • Committees and delegation
    • Development for Governors
    • Development for Chairs of Committees
    • Extended Colleges
    • Representing Parents as a Governor
    • Representing Staff as a staff Governor
    • Forum for Hampshire Chairs of Governors

    There is a Governor Services department in each local area as well as at the County Headquarters. Our local area office is in Winchester.



    Tel:  01256 868600 

    (Claire Birtles, clerk to the Governing Body)