Mobile Phones

    Mobile Phones and Other Electronic Devices

    The college does not accept any responsibility for mobile phones or other devices being brought into college and if they are brought into college, this is done entirely at the owner’s risk. Despite this, we are aware that a large number of students do have mobile phones on them and we realise why in some circumstances this might be desirable. We are however extremely concerned that mobile phones are increasingly impinging on student progress as they appear in the classroom and are a distraction to learning and can often lead to confrontations with staff.


    Effective from 9th July 2012, the use of mobile phones and other devices inside school buildings is not permitted at any time. 

    Students seen with mobile phones in buildings will have their phones confiscated and they can be collected from the CPP office at 3pm that day. If a student has their phone confiscated three times, then parents will be requested to collect the mobile phone from the college. Students may only use their mobile phones at break or lunch times when outside buildings