General Studies

    We enter candidates for GCSE General Studies because the subject:

    • Provides a good introduction to Citizenship and is rewarded with a GCSE qualification
    • Extends the curriculum
    • Tests a wide range of skills and knowledge that are useful in all walks of life
    • Concentrates on developing thinking skills, analysing arguments and encouraging students to develop their own ideas on a range of important issues
    • Increases the GCSE scores of candidates of all abilities
    • Broadens awareness of the interrelationships of a wide range of subject areas and focuses on social, cultural, spiritual, moral, ethical and citizenship issues
    • Fosters discussion and debate
    • Develops study and research skills
    • Provides valuable opportunities for group and collaborative work


    Paper 1: 2 hours

    Section A 20% Objective test questions
    Testing data response and thinking skills

    Section B 30% Problem solving exercise
    Short answer responses to questions based on materials provided

    Section C 30% Extended writing
    Answers in essay format



    Paper 2: 1 hour 20%

    Case Study

    Materials will be released to centres at the beginning of March.