Curriculum overview

    Year 7 - 2016 onwards

    1. Introduction to English – The Bridge (one page narrative)  & Baseline Tests
    2. Autobiography – journey towards own writing of a Coming of Age critical incident

    Focus on: writing strands, sentences for effect and writing organisation

    1. War Poetry
    2. Play study: Shakespeare
    3. Gothic Tales
    4. Novel study


    Let`s Think in English: Year 7 – Lessons 1 to 10 (at least one lesson a month)



    • Paula Brown`s Snowsuit (Let`s Think lesson)
    • Dreams from my Father  – Obama
    • I am Malala
    • I know why the caged birds sing
    • Blackberry Picking, extract
    • War Horse extracts based around a critical incident


    Shakespeare Plays

    • A Mid-summer Night’s Dream
    • Julius Caesar
    • The Tempest


    Year 7 novels

    • Private Peaceful
    • War Horse
    • Goodnight Mr Tom
    • Face
    • Coraline
    • Holes
    • Millions
    • Room 13
    • Al Capone Does My Shirts
    • Going Solo
    • Vampire Hunters
    • Boy Overboard
    • The London Eye Mystery


    Year 8 - 2016 onwards

    1. Novel study
    2. Detective stories
    3. Play study: Shakespeare
    4. Heroes
    5. 19th century Lit / Industrial Revolution
    6. Poetry 

    Let`s Think in English: Lessons - 11 to 23


    Shakespeare Plays

    • Twelfth Night
    • The Merchant of Venice
    • Much Ado about Nothing



    • Oliver Twist
    • Hard Times
    • Boy in the Striped Pajamas
    • Skulduggery Pleasant
    • Ways to Live Forever
    • A Christmas Carol
    • Catch Us If You Can
    • The Looking Glass Wars
    • Clockwork
    • Stone Cold
    • War Horse



    Year 9 - 2016 onwards

    1. Non-Fiction : charity leaflets
    2. Person versus The Unexplained/ The supernatural
    3. Person versus Society OR Person versus Themselves
    4. Shakespeare – Macbeth  or Romeo & Juliet
    5. Comprehension and analysis unit - fiction
    6. GCSE Poetry Anthology (Edexcel)  


    Shakespeare plays

    • Romeo and Juliet
    • Macbeth


    Poetry: GCSE Anthology Edexcel



    • Point Blank
    • Noughts and Crosses
    • The Catcher in the Rye
    • To Kill a Mockingbird
    • Of Mice and Men
    • The Hunger Games
    • Touching Void
    • Refugee Boy
    • About a Boy
    • The Devil Walks
    • The Woman in Black



    Edexcel GCSE Examinations 2017-onwards

    English Language and English Literature Assessment Structure


    Edexcel English Language

    Edexcel GCSE (9-1)

    100% exams


    Paper 1 - Fiction and Imaginative writing

    40% of the total GCSE     (64 marks)

    1 hour 45 minutes

    • Section A: Reading exam
      Questions on an unseen 19th century fiction extract
    • Section B: Writing exam
      A choice of two writing tasks.  The tasks are linked by a theme to the reading extract.

    Paper 2 - Non – fiction and Transactional writing

    60% of the total GCSE    (96 marks)

    2 hours

    • Section A – Reading exam
      Questions on two thematically linked, unseen 20th and 21st century non-fiction extracts.
    • Section B –Writing exam

    A choice of two writing tasks. The tasks are linked by a theme to the reading extracts.


    Edexcel Assessment of Spoken Language

    (Compulsory requirement of the course study)

    AO7 - Demonstrate presentation skills in a formal setting

    AO8 – Listen and respond appropriately to spoken language, including to questions and feedback to presentations

    AO9- Use spoken Standard English effectively in speeches and presentations



    English Literature

    Edexcel GCSE (9-1)

    100% exams


    Paper 1 - Shakespeare and Post–1914 Literature (British play or novel)

    1 hour 45 minutes

    50% of the total GCSE (80 marks)

    (Closed book exam – texts are not allowed in the examination)

    • Section A – Shakespeare
      A two part question, with the first task focused on an extract of approximately 30 lines.  The second task is focused on how a theme reflected in the extract is explored elsewhere in the play. 
      E.g. Part 1: Extract response, Part 2: Theme essay (linked to the extract)
    • Section B – Post 1914 British play or novel ( one essay question)


    Paper 2 - 19th Century Novel and Poetry since 1789

    2 hours 15 minutes

    50% of the total GCSE (80 marks)

    (Closed book exam – texts are not allowed in the examination)

    • Section A - 19th century novel
      A two part question, with the first part focusedon an extract of approximately 400 words. The second part is an essay question exploring the whole text.
      E.g. Part 1: Extract response, Part 2:  Essay question exploring the whole text
    • Section B – Poetry Anthology and unseen poetry
      Part 1: Anthology collection: one question comparing a named poem from the anthology to another poem from that collection.
      Part 2: Unseen poetry: one question comparing two unseen contemporary poems.


    Staffing List 2016/17

    Dumisani Ndlovu

    Head of English



    Mr M. Rahman

    English teacher / Director of Continuous Learning


    Mrs L. Robbins

    English teacher


    Mr J. Richens

    English and Media


    Mrs L. Robinson

    English and transition


    Mrs B. Anderson

    English teacher