Business Links

    An important aspect of our designation as a Business and Enterprise College is our links with the business community.  In addition to work experience in year 10 and business mentoring in years 10 and 11, we also operate two enterprising teams, Young Enterprise in year 10 and Young Chamber.
    Young Chamber is a new government initiative run through the Basingstoke Chamber of Commerce.  In 2009 CBEC was one of two schools in North Hampshire selected to form a Chamber Council in school.  Summer 2009 was the Council's first full term when they confirmed roles and responsibilities, promoted the initiate through a Chamber Lunch and run their first event involving a total of 30 business professionals.
    CBEC Young Chamber worked with the Chamber of Commerce to plan and run the first event on 25 June 2009.  This was an action packed morning for year 7s who rotated between speed networking, team building and marketing activities all run by Young Chamber and external business professionals.  In addition we had guest speakers both to open the event and close the event before students and visitors enjoyed a school dinner!
    This is just the start.  Recruitment has just commenced for an additional few members to increase the capacity of the existing 11 dedicated Council members.  Following this in September we will have a meeting offsite with a guest business speaker and begin in earnest the 2009/2010 plan which will include running at least 3 large events and increasing business contacts for both Young Chamber and other departments around the College.
    If you work in business and would like to support the work of Young Chamber or other initiatives within the College please contact the college on 01256 868600.