About the Federation

    The Federation of Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College & Fort Hill Community School


    Mission statement

    Working together to inspire all our students to achieve excellence.


    Our mission

    We work together to build a strong federation and community partnership that will engage and inspire students to achieve excellence.

    Our vision is to deliver an innovative and exciting curriculum which reinforces the value of collaboration and makes the connection between school and the world of work.


    Why are we in a Federation?

    • The Federation widens opportunities for all our students.
    • It provides the advantages of a large school in a small school setting.
    • It provides personalisation with the benefits of scale.
    • Collaboration between the two schools improves opportunities for all students and staff.
    • Through wider opportunities it enables us to offer an engaging curriculum for students of all levels of ability.
    • By capitalising on the relationship between the two schools we can broaden the curriculum that we offer.
    • We are working to provide increased opportunities for extracurricular activities between the two schools.
    • Each school respects the individuality of the other.
    • Respect across all stakeholders.